Becoming a Member

The club currently has around 100 members, including life and junior members and is keen to encourage new and younger members to join. Membership is subject to the same criteria as all Home Office approved clubs;

Beginners must serve a probationary period before they can become a full member serving a six month period as a provisional member prior to applying for full membership.

A minimum of 18 visits within a 6 month period are necessary before full membership can be granted.

For more information than is contained in these notes, please contact the club secretary using the contact details on the contact us page.

Please be aware that all visitors and applicants for membership must sign a declaration stating that they are not prohibited by law from taking up shooting and holding a firearms certificate. Each applicant will have to have a police background check prior to their first visit. This requirement applies to everyone without exception, irrespective of age and it includes airgun shooters who may have no intention of ever applying for a firearms certificate.


For details on membership fees and costs, please contact the club for more information.

There may be additional entry fees for specific competitions, but these are completely voluntary to enter and take part in, although we do actively encourage our members to take part in competitions.

We stock ammunition for .22 rimfire and air pellets ; as a guide 50 rounds of .22 will cost you around £3.00.

Club guns are available for members and probationary members to use at no additional cost.

Membership of the club gives full access to all types of shooting, both at the club's indoor range and outdoor range. There is no part membership, even if for example you only wish to shoot airgun on a single night. You do not have to take part in all the types of shooting disciplines that we offer, but full membership does give you the right to take part in all club activities on all occasions that we are open.

Please note that the minimum age for full membership is 18. We do have a junior section, admission to which is decided on a case-by-case basis. See our Juniors page for full details.

Your First Visit

The cost to you as a shooting visitor on for your first visit will be the price of a box of ammunition, or a tin of air pellets, and this is strictly by appointment only. We will supply a gun and any other required equipment.

You do not need any sort of licence, or certificate to visit the Club and shoot as a probationary member,

If you are under 18 years old, please see our juniors page before going any further.

Visitors are not expected to assist in the operation of the range and there is no obligation, or expectation that they will be required to undertake any tasks during their first visit. On the other hand, both Members and Probationary members are required to help in the running of the club, by, for example helping to set up the targets, sweeping up at the end of practice, helping to carry out minor repairs to target frames and any odd jobs around the club.

For directions to the club's indoor range, contact the club using the contact details. When you first come for a visit, please bring some form of identification with you, preferably with a photograph of yourself on it, such as a driving licence.

As a visitor you will be loaned a suitable gun, hearing protection and given basic shooting instruction. You will be accompanied onto the range by an experienced shooter who will stay with you until we are confident of your abilities.

Should you decide to join the Club and become a probationary member, you can continue to use club guns at no additional cost.

If you are interested in membership or want to learn more about our club please contact the club page and complete the details required.